It’s only been a few days since I departed from the potentially, most secretly toxic relationship I’ve ever held. It ate away at me daily, for years, piece by piece, negotiating my peace for a piece of high that this addiction offered to my lower desires, but never fulfilled. A pornography of the heart, the mind, a social touch masked by digital codes and encrypted with public statistics, I tuned into this feed and fed […]



Where we spend our attention and money is where the power goes. Conscious consumption is a term with high value, but limited implementation. We are so high on the drug of consuming, but passively take part in the actions of it….unconscious consumption has become the social norm, and along with it, our subconscious scrambles to control minute things, like an instagram filter, an outfit, how people see us, how much people will like us. Our […]


Venus Captivus

  Venus Captivus  [paperback] [kindle] [smashwords]     A collection of poetry, prose, free verse, and channeled expressions of text about ecstatic divine love, with the Venusian indulgence of love and beauty, sublime bliss and earthly sensuality, Venus Captivus explores the journey of love from external to internal, from sensual to divine, from erotic to saintly, from entrapment to liberation, and from determination to surrender.   In the exploration of spirit, being that of sensuality […]

Labyrinth of Lilith, Left-Writes, Poetry, Video


  Left-Writes  Available on Amazon (paperback), Kindle, and Smashwords Upheld because my love bites, Untold until this tale takes flight, Unfold the trail on a Serpent’s might, Show me the darkness of night, Let the contrast bring me light. Left-Writes is composed of five separate poetry book collections, Book Hungers, The Great Malefic, The Echo of Narcissus, Rise on Scorpio, and Labyrinth of Lilith. Through the play of linguistics, concept & symbolism, Left-Writes is an […]